Rent a car to explore Athens

Athens car hire

The capital of Greece and an important commercial center, Athens is waiting for you to visit it! The city is the largest of the country so if you want to go around, you should rent a car in Athens for a full experience.  The impressiveness and the majesty of the city makes it the number one location for tourists. So if you are one of those who want to see a metropolitan center, here is your chance!

The first place you should go to is Acropolis. The greatest symbol of the city, this place takes you back in the ancient times. The architecture you will witness is one of a kind which reveals features of the ancient civilization. Acropolis is a Cultural Heritage Monument protected by UNESCO. During your trip the first thing you will see are Propylaia, which constitute the entrance of Acropolis. Later on you will see the temple of Athena. This was built for the sake of Greek goddess Athena, who supported Athenians. In particular the monument symbolizes the winning battle of Athenians against the Persians.

At the top of the hill you will see the famous Parthenon. This historical building was built during the 5th century BC for the accomplishments of Athenians. Since then, many preservation activities have taken place so that the building does not fall apart in the nick of time. In the north part of Acropolis, you will see Erektheion, a temple dedicated to the gods Athena and Poseidon. This is where they had a contest as to who would be the patron of the city and Athena won.

Two other histotical monuments you can find in Acropolis are the Theater of Herod Atticus, the Theater of Dionysious and the Acropolis Museum.

A car rental: the way to see more

Rent a car in Athens and take the chance to explore the big variety of choices the city offers. After Acropolis, it is time for the surrounding places. Visit Monastiraki Square, a famous flea market in the city center. There you can find anything you can imagine from souvenir shops to vintage sell points. The atmosphere is lively and vibrant as there are always people walking around. You might spot street artists every now and then, who will definitely make your day!

Thisio is also a place you will love. This place is made for waking so you can park your rental car in Athens and explore the paved streets full of cafes and restaurants. From there, you can see the Parthenon as well! Plaka is another point most tourists love. Its narrow streets and small shops are of much interest.

Approximately 5km away from Acropolis you will find the highest point of the city, mount Lycabettus!  From up there you can have a spectacular view of Athens! Most people go there to watch the sunset. However, you can spot Acropolis and other monuments as well as a great view of the Aegean sea from there!

To see the Parliament building you will have to go to the famous Syntagma Square! A wide square with countless stairs at the top of which the building is located. This is the most central spot of the city so it is highly recommended! The nightlife of the city never ends! A plethora of bars and clubs can be found almost everywhere. And once you have a rental car in Athens, you can visit multiple spots fast without worries.

Get your rental car to go to Piraeus in Athens

Do not forget to visit Piraeus! This is approximately a 45 minute ride from Athens. In Piraeus there is a port, the biggest and most important one of the country. In there you should visit Kastella, a relatively quiet place when compared to the port area. The church of Profitis Ilias can be found there. Kastella is located uphill, so you can imagine the view from up above!

In the same region, Mikrolimano is another great spot. Witness the small boats on the water as you stroll around. Visit small taverns to drink the traditional ouzo or go to a café for a cup of coffee. If none of these seem to suit you, you can go for dinner at Istioploikos restaurant for some delicious food.

Piraeus has some historical background, too! The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus is a good place to go to. As a matter of fact, in the whole area of Piraeus you will see several monuments of architecture.

Why choose to rent a car in Athens?

Athens has a wide range of alternatives when it comes to transportation. Starting from the subway, bus lines, trolley buses and the list never ends! Although these are a good way to explore the city, they do not offer you the freedom of going exactly where you want to. Additionally, if you rent a car in Athens you will not have to stress over missing itineraries. You will have the chance to go whenever you want, as fast as possible!

If you want to visit other cities as well, you could rent a car in Thessaloniki! Thessaloniki is the second largest city after Athens and has some beautiful places you can visit as well!

Your Greek journey starts here, all you have to do is rent your car and you are ready to go!