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Athos Car Rental

It is the eastern most peninsula of Halkidiki which lies in the Bay of Strymonikos. The altitude is estimated at 2000m. The soil condition of the peninsula could be described as quite irregular. There are many hills ranging from the large Vigla and head to the southern edge. The land is lush and green and is the predominant element everywhere. A tour of the third leg of Chalkidiki with your rental car, which you can pick up from the airport, is an ideal way to find out for yourself the best beauty of Mount Athos. At the boundary it is defined by the location Fragokastro and goes to Cape Arapis on the opposite side. At the time of Thucydides it was inhabited by Greek and barbaric people. The peninsula of Mount Athos in ancient times was called Akti, and later adopted the name Mount and has now taken the name of Mount Athos because of the monastic state found there.

Regarding the Holy Mountain, it can be considered an entire autonomous monastic community in Greece and it is located on the peninsula of Mount Athos, which is a center of Orthodox monasticism. Access to Mount Athos is only permitted to men and then only if they have special permission. The religious, cultural, national and historical significance of Mount Athos has played an important role over the years and can be described as a ‘shelter’ of Greek treasures and cultural heritage. Regarding the political situation in Mount Athos, it is a self-governed part of the Greek state which comes under the Foreign Ministry, political and religious to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Since Mount Athos is a monastic whole and not just a separate monastery it is worth noting the monasteries. These monasteries are the Megistis Lavra which is built on the southeast side of the peninsula, the monastery Vatopedi and I.M Chilandari located in the northeast, the monastery Iveron, the monastery Dionysius (which is the most colourful because they are built on steep cliffs), the monastery Koutloumousiou which is built near Karyes, the Pantocrator, the monastery Ksiropotamou, the monastery Zografou and Athos.

Also the monastery Caracallou, the monastery Filotheou and the monastery Simonopetra (which is undoubtedly of the most daring set of buildings since it is built on the edge of the cliff), the monastery Agios Paulos, which is built on the west side of the monastery Stavronikitas which is smaller, the monastery Xenophon, the monastery Gregory, the monastery Esfismenou monastery and finally Agios Panteleimonas and Konstamonitou.

The monasteries of Mount Athos are numerous and are worthy of a tourist taking a tour of these so you can get a more comprehensive picture. In this tour it could be particularly useful to hire a cheap car from Ride and Drive athos car rental. The car is delivered directly to the airport so that we can serve you best.

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