On the east side of the city of Thessaloniki the mountain Hortiatis rises, which in ancient times until around the end of the Byzantine period, was named Kissos. The mountain is bound by the area between Lake Koroneia and Thessaloniki, driving south, nearly in line with the peninsula of Sithonia, enters the northern part of Halkidiki and the northwest reaches of Cholomontas, with which they almost join. The highest peak, Kissos, reaches 1201m. This beautiful and lush landscape is ideal for activities like climbing or hiking trips into the mountains, biking and paintball.Also in the area of Chortiatis there is the stream of Vathylakos which is a landscape of outstanding beauty. Recently an interesting eco-tourist pathway a length of 9.3 km, through this area was created by a group of citizens, starting from the Roman aqueduct of Chortiatis and ending at Thermis Dam. Undeniably it is a very good opportunity for nature lovers and visitors to enjoy the rich landscape of the city. We recommend hiring a car from the rental car company to make it easy to travel to and from the city. This car can be picked up from the airport or from our offices and at very low prices.