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Thessaloniki is full of church Attractions, especially Orthodox Churches. Whether you are a tourist or an habitant of the city, Thessaloniki’s churches will amaze you. Elegant buildings with unique architecture and beauty adorn the city perfectly.

Since the city has always been a multicultural city, hosting people of all the lengths and backs of the earth, there are plenty of churches categorized by religion. As a result of foreigners making Thessaloniki their home, there are different churches of religions, other than Christianity, so that people can worship their religions and honor their traditions.

In the center of Thessaloniki, one can meet the different churches of other religions, such as the Catholic Church in Fragone Street, Armenian near the Church of the Holy Spirit or the Evangelical Church in Old Patron Germanos. Two of the most famous and outstanding churches are the Church of Agios Dimitrios and Agia Sofia Church also located in the center of the city.

The easiest and most convenient way to discover the religion treasures of the city is by visiting them by car, in order to avoid public transportation’s delays and long distance routes. If you don’t own a car, our company is here to give you the solution. By choosing to Rent a Car in Greece, you unlock unlimited possibilities to roam around to many many different places.

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You can also check the google maps below for other important churches in Thessaloniki.

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