Rent a car to explore Corfu

Corfu Car Rental

If you have ever heard of Greek islands, you will definitely have heard of Corfu! Corfu is a beautiful destination and a great tourist attraction, with thousands of people going there annually. To reach every single spot of the island you should rent a car in Corfu.

The island has a great infrastructure system, which means that you will go places easily with your rental car. This destination is part of the Ionian islands and it is actually one of the largest of the complex. Corfu’s people are hospitable and really friendly. The whole place is full of history and archaeological importance, with European influences spotted everywhere. Its buildings are special and its narrow streets give you the feeling that Greek islands usually do.

Corfu is a crowded destination but in a good way. Its people know how to have a good time and enjoy moments. Quite an amount of local people live there all year round, making it one of the most inhabited islands in Greece. If you want to make this experience count, we suggest that you rent a car in Thessaloniki and reach Corfu. However, if you wish to solely go to Corfu, it is possible to rent a car at Corfu airport and explore it.

Hire a car in Corfu and visit some interesting locations

The first place you must visit upon arrival in Corfu island is the town of Corfu, which is the capital of the place. The similarities between Corfu town and Venice are quite noticeable. Once you go there you will see the special architecture and the colourful buildings all around. The deep blue canvas of the sea in the background is also something to be admired.

Corfu is also important in terms of religion. In the place you will find several orthodox churches but there is one that it is most famous for. It is the church of St. Spyridon built in 15th century. There you can still find the Saint’s relics. They are well preserved and protected, available for the visitors to grovel.

Easter in Corfu is also a huge attraction for many visitors from all over Greece. Every year this is the place where the biggest event is held.  During the event the Saint’s procession is something to admire. Music, choirs, fireworks and people can be seen on the island during Easter. What is special is an old tradition well kept in Corfu. On Holy Saturday people throw clay jugs which contain water from balconies!

Discover the history of Corfu

Another top location of historical importance you should go to are the fortresses. In Corfu you will find two of them, the Old Fortress and the New Fortress.

The Old Fortress is on the east side of Corfu and is accessible via a bridge that connects it with the town. Near the bridge the statue of commander Schulenburg is seen, that symbolizes the Turkish battle. In the fortress you can view a prison that dates back to 1786, a military church as well as items from the old times and the Byzantine period.

Near the old port you will see the New fortress. It is worth visiting as it offers a great view of Corfu. Its gate is special as it has some lions on it which will remind you of Venice, again. The road leading to the fortress is all paved. Inside of it you will find exhibits with sculptures and paintings among many others.

Corfu has many museums as well. Some of them are the Museum of Asian Art, Dionysios Solomos Museum, Byzantine Museum and Archaeological Museum.

Other top locations to visit in Corfu with your rental car

Just 25km away from Corfu town is Paleokastritsa. This is one of the greatest locations for visitors with beautiful beaches and a breathtaking view. From there you can also take part in sea excursions with vessels and why not try diving into the deep blue waters of the island. The beaches of the place are a huge tourist attraction with sand and pebbels.

Another top spot everyone is talking about once they visit Corfu is Pontikonisi. The literal translation of the word means Mouse Island.  But do not worry, it does not have mouses in there. The island took its name from its mass and the way it looks from up above. Pontikonisi is a small, rocky island where you can find the famous church of St. Pantokratoras of the 11th century. There is a boat that can take you there, approximately arriving every 15 minutes. This is the time to park your car nearby and explore some of Corfu’s special features!