Drama Car hire


Drama is a beautiful city of eastern Macedonia, about 150 km from Thessaloniki Airport and is built at the foot of Mount Falakro. One could say that it is drowned in green, it has plenty of water and has unique charm.
Drama is a city with a great and important history. It was inhabited in prehistoric times by the settlement of Arkadikos. In 1371 the city was captured by the Ottomans while during the revolution of 1821 the region played an important role as it was the military center of the Ottomans. Drama came to the Bulgarians during the First Balkan War in 1912, and was liberated and united with the Greek state during the Second Balkan War on July 1, 1913. During World War I, in 1916, the Bulgarians again retired, who left in 1918 after the end of the war. With the entry of the Germans into Greece in the Second World War, German and Bulgarian forces occupied the region, with the Bulgarians systematically starting the bulgarianization of the population of Drama. Despite this, and because of the strong resistance of the population, the Bulgarians left the area in October 1944.
Drama experienced intense growth rates in the 20th century, with major changes in its architecture. Many neighborhoods in its historic center have acquired new color and liveliness, while others have been created in the region.
Many are the sights and not just the area worth visiting. Some of them are: the Falakro Ski Center, the Nestos River, the Archaeological Museum and the Ignite Cave.
We recommend that you make a tour in the area with your rental car, which you can pick it up from Thessaloniki airport at very affordable prices.