Etymology of the name and forms (Thessaloniki)

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But first… it’s a chance to learn a bit more about the historic city of Thessaloniki and the etymology of its’ name!

The city was founded by Kassandro and it was named in honour of his wife, Thessaloniki, half sister of Alexander the Great, daughter of Philip II and the fifth wife of Princess of Thessalida, Nikisipoleos. The etymology of its name derives from the composition of words Thessalians and Niki (victory), to commemorate the victory of the Macedonians and the Thessalian against the tyranny of Feres and their allies, Phocis.

Forms of the name of Thessaloniki

The name occurs in various forms, with slightly altered spelling and phonetic variations. Thessalonikeia in aggressive forms, which is found in the work of Stravonas and used during the Hellenistic period, as the name of the town formed by the name of an individual, such as Seleucia (from Seleucus) Kassandria (from Kassandra), Alexandria (by Alexander) etc. However, the dominant form of the city’s name is the same as the name of the person. During the Hellenistic era the name Thettaloniki was used and during the Roman period, as evidenced by inscriptions and coins revealed the first forms of Thessaloneiki and Thessalonikians. In medieval times people who were associated with the Eastern Roman Empire and Thessaloniki , mostly alliterated Thessaloniki in their own languages and dialects. The Ottomans called the city Selanik (othom.: سلاني, in Turkish: Selânik) as also the Jews who settled in the city after the Ottoman conquest and the Spanish-speaking Jewish Ladino, the local Slavic population Soloun (Sun: Солун) and Vlach-speaking Sarunas (vlach.: Sãrunã).
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