Film Festival

If you want to Rent a Car in Thessaloniki then Ride & Drive might be the ideal Car Rental Agency for you! The Thessaloniki International Film Festival has become one of the Southeast Europe’s primary showcases for the work of new and emerging filmmakers that make a difference with special screenings of anticipated films.

The Film Festival has taken place every November in Thessaloniki since 1960. It is a very important institution for the city, as it has spread Thessaloniki’s artistic reputation in the field of cinema, throughout Greece and Europe. Originally, it started in 1960 as the “Hellenic Film Week” and remained so until 1965. In 1966 it was renamed “The Greek Film Festival” until 1991. During these years the festival passed through various phases from being an important social event with appearances of local showbiz stars, to having censorship because of the Military Junta. During the post-conflict situation the festival became increasingly politicized and two opposing groups of viewers appeared. The tension between these two groups reached a peak in 1977, when the festival splitted in two different festivals, which lasted for only one year. In 1992 the festival became Ιnternational acknowledged by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.

Today the Thessaloniki International Film Festival is an annual event focused on the discovery and promotion of new directors from all over the world. For ten days in the middle of November, approximately 70,000 viewers, including hundreds of Greek and foreign Festival guests, attend screenings of more than 150 films in the city’s cinemas.

So if you happen to be in Thessaloniki in November do not miss the Film Festival. It will definitely give you memorable moments and you will be able to watch movies that are unique and they could be considered samples of an alternative cinematography. Fans of the “big screen” will definitely need a car, since quick and safe transport is what everyone wants. You can Rent a Car from our Car Rental Agency,