Rent a car in Fourka (Furka)

The village of Fourka (Furka) is located on the western side of Kassandra, approximately 103 km away from Thessaloniki. You could visit Fourka (Furka) with your rental car. The economy of Fourka is based on agriculture, tourism, livestock and fisheries. Worth noticing is the gorgeous coast of Fourka, the so-called staircase, which you can see on your route coming from Thessaloniki with your rental car. Fourka is a village full of plants and natural beauty that is impossible for anyone to ignore. Make the stay very pleasant but economic by taking advantage of the tourist facilities that can be found in Fourka (Furka). You could be making a wonderful tour.

We offer transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Fourka

Our transfer service offers economic transfers by shuttle, taxi for 1-3 people or mini-bus for 4-8 people, from Thessaloniki Airport to Fourka