Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

The museum is housed in one of the few and rare buildings of Jewish property that were saved from the great fire of 1917. This imposing building in the center of Thessaloniki at times housed the Bank of Athens and the offices of the Jewish newspaper “L ‘Independent”. The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki was founded to honor the rich Sephardic heritage and creative culture that developed in this city since the 15th century. After the great expulsion from Spain by King Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492, thousands of Jews found safe haven in the city, bringing with them knowledge of Renaissance culture and languages of the Western Mediterranean. In the Museum there is also a research center, which investigates and digitizes archives of the Museum and other institutions, creating an electronic database accessible to all visitors. Indisputably it is a very interesting cultural destination that you can visit by renting a car from our company that you can pick up from the Macedonia airport of Thessaloniki. The museum is closed on Mondays and Saturdays and the other days it is open from 11:00 to 14:00. The museum is located at Agiou Mina 13 street.