Hire a car in Katerini and explore the area

Katerini is a beautiful city located just 71km away from Thessaloniki. It is the capital of Pieria prefecture and a tourist attraction. You can rent a car in Thessaloniki and visit Katerini easily and safely. From there you can take your rental car and visit quite a few places and top locations of the city.

Katerini lies between the Pieria Mountains and Thermaikos Gulf. According to the official census of 2001 the inhabitants of the city are 53 418. The city’s name has its roots in Katherine of Alexandria, a Christian martyr, who lived in the 4th century. Katerini is a great destination for visitors in summer and winter alike. In recent years Katerini evolved into a transformational, financial and tourist center. Several industrial units are operating dealing with the processing of local agricultural and livestock products (tobacco, grain, vineyards, sheep and poultry). Lignite deposits have also been found near the town, as well as sources of natural gas.

During summer, it is recommended that you visit some of its beautiful beaches. The most popular ones are Korinos beach and Paralia beach. Paralia beach stretches over a long distance. There you can go to the harbor, a place filled with people and plenty of alternatives for your nightlife. About 3km from Paralia beach and 7.5km from Katerini you will find Olympus Coast. It is part of the Olympus Riviera and offers its visitors a great escape from the city center. Near Olympus coast there is Litochoro, another great point of interest and the famous mountain Olympus. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and the house of the twelve Gods according to mythology. Visitors usually go hiking there and try to reach the top of the mountain for the breathtaking view.

Where to go in Katerini with your rental car

In Katerini there are several spots that are worth visiting. Take your rental car and explore the city to the fullest with our help!

The first thing you want to do is visiting places downtown. If you love nature then the park of Katerini is a good choice for you. Park your car and stroll around the park with its rich flora and fauna and its fountains. At the park there are often organized several festivals and events for everyone.

Litochoro is also something worth visiting. It is a small town near Katerini which attracts many visitors every year. Another option is to go to Dion, a place rich in archaeology with its museum and park. This place is interesting especially during Olympus festival with performances and shows in Dion’s Theater and the Byzantine Castle of Platamonas theater.

In the Pieria mountains you will see several traditional villages as well. A famous one is Kolindros. This was the homeland of the well-known Alexis Zorbas. Another location is Agios Dimitrios, a small village on mount Titaros. There you can taste some local delicacies that you will love! You can also try extreme sports while in Katerini. At Elatochori you will have the chance to visit the famous ski center of the region. An area of approximately 6km of terrain is waiting for you to try skiing and rock climbing.

As a visitor you will also enjoy the nightlife of Katerini which is vibrant and lively. Dance to the rhythm of every music genre you can imagine, even traditional ones. The natural spas in Katerini are also noteworthy, whose popularity is increasing steadily.

We can help you improve your experience

Katerini is definitely worth visiting as there are plenty of things someone can do there. That is why it is recommended that you rent a car in Katerini. Using your own means of transportation will turn your trip to a relaxing experience, as you can go anywhere! Take a moment to see our fleet and find the car that will suit your needs.

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