Do you plan to Rent a Car in Thessaloniki to explore northern Greece? Kavala is a great starting point!

Kavala is located in northern Greece at the eastern end of the Macedonian region. It is the capital of the homonymous prefecture and it’s one of the most strategic ports in northern Greece. Rent a car in Kavala and get to know the second largest town in Macedonia, approximately 165km apart from Thessaloniki. The permanent population of the city amounts to 54,027 inhabitants in the last census. Characteristic of Kavala is that it has numerous popular beaches that visitors from northern Greece and beyond widely visit.

Kavala has several locations where you can go sightseeing. A historical monument and characteristic feature of Kavala town is its castle. Its creation goes back in 1425 with a view to protecting the town from the enemies. The castle is at the top of the hill, so going there you will have the whole town right in front of you. Around the place, someone can easily notice the city walls. Again, they were built to defense Kavala from invaders. Nowadays the castle is open to visitors and sometimes there are several cultural events taking place there. So once you arrive in Kavala, make sure to search whether any event of that kind is happening.

To go to the castle you must pass the old town of Kavala, which is beautiful as well. Scenic views with restaurants and small taverns all around will definitely leave you wanting for more. This location in northern Greece can be easily described as the place of contrasts. The reason is that on the one hand you will see the historical monuments of the past. On the other hand, however, you cannot help but notice the modern buildings of the new era.

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The town’s architecture resembles that of an amphitheater, with the fortress on the top being the greatest spot. After getting to know the history of the town, you can go to the beach! Kavala offers a wide selection of amazing sandy beaches that will help you relax. The most well known beach is that of Amolofoi in Nea Peramos. Keramoti is also another one you can go to. Rent a car in Kavala and get to famous areas with some of the most visited cafes of the town.

Kavala’s promenade is also worth going to. The view is one of a kind and by going there you will feel the relaxing mood that dominates. A must-see location in Kavala is the city of Philippi. This city took its name from the father of Alexander the Great as he built it. The region is significant in terms of the archaeological side of the town.

Kavala has three small forests that are suitable for a day trip by car. There is the thicket of Panagouda in the district of Saint Paraskevi, the suburban woods of Kavala in Horafa and the woods of the Five Hundred in the homonymous settlement. Several  hiking trails which you can enjoy can be found in Kavala. They are part of the ancient road to the west on the trail at the height of St. Panteleimon.

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If all you want is a relaxing holiday with certain conveniences, then you should rent a car in Kavala. A rental car will help you get around the town easily. And that way, you will enjoy the mysterious spots of the town as well as other locations nearby. For example, from Kavala it is possible to get the boat from the port and go to Thassos! Or you can visit other beautiful cities in northern Greece! Find out where you can go and what to do with our city guides!

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