Kedrinos Lofos, Seich Sou

Kedrinos Lofos, in the area of Thessaloniki is the forest area located in the hills between Thessaloniki, Asvestoxori and Panorama. It is an artificial forest systematically reforested since the war. It is the suburban Forest of Thessaloniki and the lung of the city and recreation of its inhabitants. The Thousand Trees otherwise known as Sheikh Su, is beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the city is wonderful woodland with superb panoramic views of the city, an ideal setting for coffee or lunch. Best time to visit it is at sunset. The Zoo of Thessaloniki established in 1987, is also in the area of Kedinos Lofos, which lies in a specially shaped area of 58 acres. The Natural History Museum of Thessaloniki can also be found in the area, as well as the House of Reptiles, where visitors can come in contact (always in the presence of a guide herpetologist) with snakes, lizards and turtles of the Greek herpetofauna . In all areas there is free entrance. Our proposal is to rent a car from our company which offers rental cars at very affordable and competitive prices.