Another famous area of Thessaloniki that is appropriate for evening entertainment is the Ladadika area. Regarding the history of the area, it used to be a shopping district, where shops selling groceries were located (hence the name “Ladadika). It escaped from the fire of 1917, but as the food trade has moved elsewhere, many shops were closed and instead brothels began to operate and other notorious shops. After the earthquake of 1978, the area’s restoration led to the establishment of many entertainment venues (clubs, etc.), in the view of many, radically changing, the character of the district. The area became widely known by the title song of D. Mitropanos. Nowadays, Ladadika has restored its bad reputation and bars have started to work once again as well as cafes and restaurants that accept more and more visitors. As this is one of the oldest areas of Thessaloniki, all the buildings are old and quaint, exhibiting remarkable architecture. So take the opportunity to experience such a famous area of Thessaloniki using a car from our car rental company which will prove a very good tool for getting around.