Rental Car Lake Kerkini

Are you looking for a new adventure? You can Rent a Car in Greece and travel to Kerkini Lake!

Kerkini Lake is located 40 km from Serres, a distance that you can easily travel to with your rental car. At the beginning of the century, in the place where the lake is found, were swampy areas and it was lush with dense trees. Lake Kerkini took the form we know today through a dam which was originally constructed to contain the waters of the Strymon river, but also to store water for irrigation to the plain of Serres. The surface of the lake ranges from 55,000 to 70,000 acres. Regarding the lake in its current form, it is a wetland of unlimited beauty and there is diversity in the types of vegetation, species of birds and fish that live in it. Also numerous mammals live in the area as well as amphibians. Characteristic of Kerkini is that a very large area of the lake is covered with water lilies (5,000 acres is the largest in Greece.). Moreover, the wetland around the lake is one of the most important places where the Dalmatian pelican survives, which is threatened with extinction. But the usefulness of the lake is not limited to the above. Lake Kerkini tames the waters of the Strymon, played an important role in combating elonosia and was very much help to the economic development of the county and the restoration of 85,000 refugees from the Asia Minor catastrophe. Kerkini Lake is one of the most remarkable destinations in Greece and worth visiting. The easiest way is to drive there with your rental car that you can pick up from the airport in Thessaloniki. We can guarantee you very low prices and excellent condition of the vehicle that you will receive.

We offer transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Lake Kerkini

Our transfer service offers economic transfers by shuttle, taxi for 1-3 people or mini-bus for 4-8 people, from Thessaloniki Airport to Lake Kerkini