Rental Car in Lake Volvi

If you are looking to discover new places and broaden your horizon, Lake Volvi might be a good chance! You can Rent a Car in Greece and discover many more!
Volvi Lake County is located in Thessaloniki, in the Mygdonia basin in the province of Lagada. Located east of Lake Koroneia and on its northern side the Egnatia route crosses it. Millions of years ago lake Volvi, along with lake Koroneia and the entire basin of Mygdonia, formed one large lake. Volvi Lake has a rich fish fauna, and includes 24 species of fish with oily fish not found anywhere else in the world. In addition, it is a rare ecosystem with reeds, wet plants and trees. It is a part of the Ramsar Convention as one of 11 protected wetlands of international importance. This Convention includes the Koroneia and Volvi lakes, the Forest lake of Apollonia, the Aesthetic Forest of Rendina and Restored Monuments of Nature, as well as the Platania of Scholari and Apollonia (Step of St. Paul). Furthermore, in the northern part of Volvi you can visit the lakeside forest of Apollonia, with old trees and lush flora in a total area of 300 acres. Unfortunately, the lake level has dropped over recent years due to global warming and the irresponsible use and unfortunately, environmental organizations warn of a major ecological disaster if urgent action is not taken. There are four lakeside villages which are the Little and Great Volvi, Vamvakia and Rentina. Those settlements you can easily visit by organizing a tour starting with Volvi lake and the surrounding villages. A rental car would serve you best in this tour. The rental car of your choice, can be picked up from the airport “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki.

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