If you are looking to discover new places and broaden your horizons, Lake Volvi might be a good chance! You can Rent a Car in Thessaloniki and discover this natural masterpiece!

Volvi Lake County is located in Thessaloniki, in the Mygdonia basin in the province of Lagada. You will find it on the east side of Lake Koroneia and on its northern side the Egnatia route crosses it. The distance between Thessaloniki and Lake Volvi is approximately 35km. Rent a car in Lake Volvi so that you can witness its clear waters and greenery the way you wish to.

Millions of years ago lake Volvi, along with lake Koroneia and the entire basin of Mygdonia, formed one large lake. Volvi Lake has a rich fish fauna, and includes 24 species of fish. The special thing about this lake is that it is the only lake globally that hosts the Oily fish.

In addition, it is a rare ecosystem with reeds, wet plants and trees. It is part of the Ramsar Convention as one of 11 protected wetlands of international importance. This includes the Koroneia and Volvi lakes, the Forest lake of Apollonia, the Aesthetic Forest of Rendina, Restored Monuments of Nature and the Platania of Scholari and Apollonia (Step of St. Paul). Both Lake Volvi and Lake Koroneia are home to 254 kinds of birds, so their protection is quite important.

In your visit, do not forget to visit local taverns and restaurants where you can try delicious fish plates. Note that most of them offer a spectacular view of the lake!

If you rent a car at Lake Volvi you can see everything it has to offer!

In the northern part of Volvi you can visit the lakeside forest of Apollonia, with old trees and lush flora in a total area of 300 acres. In the Loutra of New Apollonia you will have the chance to learn kayak and windsurfing. For more special preferences, archery lessons are also available there. Nearby you can find several hotels where you can stay. The facilities they provide are plenty like sauna, pools, hot baths and hydromassage.

There are four lakeside villages around which are the Little and Great Volvi, Vamvakia and Rentina. You can rent a car in Thessaloniki to explore them all! In Little Volvi there was once a Byzantine Castle the remains of which were discovered in the 19th century. During the 17th century the settlements of the area were very famous. You could find mosques, baths and a big market there. If you happen to visit Volvi during summer, go to the feast of oily fish in Little Volvi. Tons of free oily fish are served along with tsipouro, a famous traditional drink.

From there you can go to Rentina, which is known for its castle from the Byzantine times, the Castle of Rentina. In the Macedonian Tempe, the uphill monument played a significant role in the past as it protected the place. Many special objects from different periods were found during excavations. In the past the hill had another name and that was Arethousa. This is the city where the poet Euripides lived for some time. At the beginning of the Tempe you can also find the Church of St. Marina. Rentina is famous for the battle it hosted between Greek Macedonians and Ottoman ruler during the Greek Revolution in 1821.

Visit Lake Volvi: a place to remember

The crystal clear waters of the lake are a must-see thing of your trip. The significance of the place in terms of history is huge. The greenery and fresh air it offers makes this destination a dream come true to the ones who love peaceful holidays. Last but not list, the locations Lake Volvi is surrounded with are impressive likewise.

You can easily visit those locations by organizing a tour starting with Volvi lake and the surrounding villages. A rental car would serve you best in this tour. The rental car of your choice, can be picked up from the airport “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki.

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