Modern monuments

If you Rent a Car in Thessaloniki, you can more easily access all of the Modern monuments that are located in the city of Thessaloniki. Of all the modern monuments of Thessaloniki, the most recognizable is the Tower of OTE, a project attributed to the architect Athanasiadis, found at the entrance of Thessaloniki Trade Fair. It was built in 1969 to house the kiosk of OTE. Helexpo consists of a block of stands and buildings that all follow the modern trends of architecture.

Also, Aristotelous Square was created facing the sea in 1917. Planned and designed by the French architect-town planner Ernest Hebrard.

Οn New Beach we encounter the prominent Statue of Alexander the Great which was erected in 1970 as well as the monument of the Holocaust in Eleutherias Square.

All the above can be reached by a tour with a rental car from the airport of Thessaloniki.