Municipal Art Gallery

Vasilisis Olgas avenue 162
tel: (+30) 2310425531, fax: (+30) 2310411101.
Working hours: Tuesday-Friday: 09.00-13.00, 17.00-21.00 and Saturday-Sunday: 09.00-13.00.
Tickets: Free admission

The Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki is housed in a building of distinctive architectural beauty and is a typical example of eclectic art. The construction of the building was performed by the famous architect Xenophon Paionidi and now belongs to the municipality of Thessaloniki. The gallery houses more than 1000 works of art and the exhibition is divided into different collections.

Visitors can either explore and admire the works of art that are hosted, by themselves, or enjoy a guided tour. The gallery organizes frequent (mainly retrospective) reports of Greek artists as well as publishing activities. Since 1986, 55 exhibitions have been hosted of Greek and foreign artists. One of the purposes of the Municipal Art Gallery is to organize exhibitions in conjunction with major art institutions in Greece and abroad.

If you would like to enjoy the magic of the exhibitions of the Municipal Art Gallery, and you want to save unnecessary effort and money, the only thing you need is to rent a car from our company which you may pick up at your convenience from Thessaloniki airport.