Why Visit The Museum of Byzantine Culture?

The Museum of Byzantine Culture was awarded the Prize of the Council of Europe in 2005. It analyzes the various aspects of Byzantine and post-Byzantine period and studies the lifestyles, customs, religion, social life and generally anything that belongs to this time frame. A tour in the museum where you can go with a cheap rental car will convince you of its uniqueness. The car will be picked up from the Thessaloniki airport for your convenience. In 1913 the decision was taken by Stephanos Dragoumis-Governor General of Macedonia to establish a “Central Museum of Byzantine”. In 1989 the foundation of the building was established while the completion and delivery of the building was in 1993. The inauguration took place in 1994 in response to an event entitled “Byzantine treasures of Thessaloniki. The trip back home”. It is founded in a town that could be considered the city with the highest tradition of Byzantine culture, Thessaloniki. Regarding the premises, the building was designed with unique architecture that could be described as simple and uncluttered with a combination of modern aesthetics and classical architecture. Worth mentioning is the honourable distinction which the museum won in 2001 when it was declared by the Ministry of Culture, “a historical monument and a work of art”.
Opening in 1994, The Museum of Byzantine Culture is considered to be one of the most important museums based in Thessaloniki since the city has a distinct Byzantine background. The museum is surrounded by modern facilities which include advanced and very well-organized building units. Is consists of many unique exhibits and several collections that are considered very rare and will impress every single visitor!
The museum is open daily, Mondays 10:30 to 17:00 and Tuesday to Sunday 8:00 to 15:00 and the address is Leoforos Stratou 2.