National Park Axios – Loudias – Aliakmonas.

In a short distance from the city of Thessaloniki, is the National Park of Axios – Loudias – Aliakmonas, one of the most important wetland systems in Greece and Europe. This is a multifaceted system of river deltas and estuaries, marshes, lagoons and salt pans in a total area of approximately 388 square kilometers. hosting hundreds of species of wildlife. It belongs to the network of protected areas in the European Union’s Natura 2000 and protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. The wetlands shelter more than 270 bird species, including many rare and threatened with extinction.In the Park there are free monthly organized tours ,being a very attractive tourist activity. We recommend hiring a car from the rental car company to make it easy to travel to and from the city. This car can be picked up from the airport or from our offices and at very low prices.