If you wish to Rent a car in Thessaloniki, then Ride & Drive is the ideal choice for your holidays!

The city of Thessaloniki is a place where modern lifestyle, archaeological sites and landscapes and natural landscapes coexist, making your visit a special experience. Making a tour of the prefecture of Thessaloniki you will see many villages where you can admire the beautiful landscapes. The city has many natural landscapes such us forests, zoos, Botanical Gardens, lakes etc.

If you’re planning to explore the natural beauty of the wider area of Thessaloniki the perfect spots for you are Kedrinos Lofos – Seich Sou, Chortiatis Dam – Thermi and National Park Axios – Loudias – Aliakmonas. The best way to reach these landscapes is certainly by car in order to enjoy each and every inch of the sights and to invest more time in the viewing process. In case you don’t own a car your best option would be to rent a car in Thessaloniki.

You can find our rental agency, Ride and Drive Car Rentals, nearby the airport where you can easily rent a car and start exploring the city’s treasures.