Rent a car New Marmaras (Marmaras)

New Marmaras (Marmaras) is located 125 km away from Thessaloniki. It is a small town with 2854 inhabitants according to the 2001 census. New Marmaras (Marmaras), was founded in 1922 by refugees who came from the island of Marmara Propontidas. Frantic fun and romantic scenery is flawlessly combined in Marmara, as appropriate for those who prefer a quiet holiday. Hallmark of Marmaras is the island Kelyfos, which has the shape of a turtle and can be seen across from the town of Marmara. Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan village of Sithonia which you can find out by doing a tour with your rental car, which you will pick up from the airport of Thessaloniki.

We offer transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Marmaras

Our transfer service offers economic transfers by shuttle, taxi for 1-3 people or mini-bus for 4-8 people, from Thessaloniki Airport to Marmaras