Rent a car in Platamonas of Pieria

If you are looking for an adventure you should Rent a Car in Katerini and visit the beautiful town Platamonas of Pieria.

Platamonas is a town and resort next to the sea in south Pieria, Central Macedonia, Greece. It lies 102 km away from Thessaloniki and belongs to the Municipality of East Olympus. Residents of Platamonas are mostly locals who come from the Old Panteleimon that lies 7 km north. Especially in the winter period, residence in Old Panteleimon can be a memorable experience. Platamonas is the summer resort of Larissa. The shores of Platamonas have sand and pebble and every year these beaches are awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of the coast. Suggestions to enjoy the sea can be to visit the small artificial bays (family beaches with calm waters and sandy beach), below the castle Platamonas (a beach with small pebbles) and Kalamaki beach (a quite large beach with sand). Platamonas is a well known resort, for tourists, with several bars, clubs and restaurants where you can eat cheap and delicious food. There is also a port where tourists often anchor their boats.

Platamonas car hire: visit the castle

The most prominent monument is the castle of Platamonas.The area is designed as a polygon with irregular towers at irregular intervals. For strategic reasons, there is only a relatively narrow gate that can be defended well. Inside there are partially well-preserved cannons served in the later Middle Ages, the defense of pirates and the general defense of the fortress. To ensure the water supply during a longer lasting siege, there are several cisterns on the site. Except for the destroyed upper part of the defense route in the east, the walls of Platamon Castle are well preserved. They are accessible in several places for visitors and invites you to enjoy the fantastic view of the areas beaches. Originally the castle complex was surrounded by another, lower wall. It formed the first line of defense in an emergency. Inside the only intact building is the small church Agia Paraskevi, which is richly decorated and offers space for around 30 people. From Platamonas, Old Panteleimon is worth visiting with your rental car because it is a picturesque village. You can rent your car from our agency, Ride & Drive, and make the most out of your traveling experience. You also have the option to pick up the rented car from the airport in Thessaloniki. in Thessaloniki.

We offer transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Platamonas

Our transfer service offers economic transfers by shuttle, taxi for 1-3 people or mini-bus for 4-8 people, from Thessaloniki Airport to Platamonas of Pieria