Car hire Halkidiki

If you plan to rent a car in Thessaloniki then you must visit Halkidiki! Halkidiki peninsula is just a few miles away from Thessaloniki. It is a great tourist attraction for Greeks and international visitors as well. The best time to visit Halkidiki is during summer, as the beaches are a must thing to visit there.

Halkidiki or Chalkidiki enters the Aegean Sea and is where Central Macedonia ends. It takes the form of three elongated peninsulas that give the area its characteristic shape of three legs. The three legs are Kassandra, Sithonia and the famous Mt. Athos or Holy Mountain.

Every leg has its own uniqueness and beauty, for any preference. If you want to hear the beating heart of Halkidiki then you should go to the first leg. In case you want to spend time in Halkidiki with your family, the second one would be the best option. As for the third one, it is mostly famous for its monasteries and religious heritage. In those monasteries women are not allowed to enter. However, everyone can have a boat trip around starting from Ouranoupoli.

Halkidiki car rental: be the first to go anywhere

Halkidiki has been a popular summer tourist destination since the late 1950s. This was when people from Thessaloniki started spending their summer holidays in the coastal villages. At first tourists rented rooms in the houses of locals. By the 1960s, tourists from Austria and Germany started to visit Chalkidiki more frequently. Since then the whole region has been attracting tourists from all over the world.

In the region there is a golf course, with plans for four others in the future. Halkidiki attracts many tourists especially in summer. It is the number one destination for residents from all over Greece. Of course the same goes for the residents of Thessaloniki. This is because it is only around 20 km apart from the city.

Having this in mind, you can rent a car in Thessaloniki and visit Halkidiki quite easily! After all the roads are in a great condition and continuously improving. The time one needs to go from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki is relatively short. This is why it is full of tourists every year from Thessaloniki. But having a rental car is crucial when visiting Halkidiki. This way you will be able to visit any beach early without worrying of not finding a place to sit. The exact same goes for the restaurants and clubs of the peninsula.

As you can imagine, the place can get really crowded. Sometimes certain places will not have available space for more customers, even hotels are fully booked! But with your rental car in Halkidiki you will get to any spot you wish fast and in time!

Thessaloniki airport car rental to Halkidiki

The prefecture of Chalkidiki is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Greece. Its lush nature, beautiful bays, islands and villages with traditional architecture are special. Each village has its own history from primitive and ancient to the modern era. The beaches of Halkidiki have been awarded for their unique beauty and purity. Also people produce various types of wine in the region. Are you still doubtful about visiting the place or not? You need not!

In order to discover the beauty of Halkidiki, the easiest and most economical way is to rent a car. To do so you could rent a car at Thessaloniki airport and visit it! In case you feel you will get lost, we could offer you some help by transferring you from the airport to Halkidiki.

Otherwise, one of our employees will pick you up from the airport “Macedonia” and will take you to our office which is located about 3 km away. The rental car can also be picked up at the Thessaloniki airport at a very affordable price.

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Our transfer service offers economic transfers by shuttle, taxi for 1-3 people or mini-bus for 4-8 people, from Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki.