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Car hire Sithonia

Distance from Thessaloniki: 75km

Sithonia is located in Chalkidiki and based on the 2001 census has a population of 8891 inhabitants.

The capital is Nikiti. Sithonia takes its name from Sithona, the son of Poseidon and it is the second largest peninsula of Halkidiki. Sithonia is able to fascinate tourists and especially naturalists for whom Sithonia is considered a paradise. The majestic landscapes are endless, pine forests, clear blue waters, picturesque coves and tranquil beaches. Typical beaches of Sithonia are, Kalamitsi Kavourotripes ,Marathias, Klimataria, Karotsi, Azapiko etc. Regarding the tourism infrastructure in Sithonia, there are numerous hotels, nightclubs, beach bars and economical tourist shops. For more intense fun you can visit Neos Marmaras, Sarti and Nikiti with your rental car.

Historically, Sithonia possesses numerous attractions. One basic tour will give you an overall and more complete picture of the sights. These are the church of St. Athanasius in Tyrini, the windmills in Sykia, the 16th-century temple in Nikiti and the castle. All that could be discovered by doing a tour with a hired car from the Ride & Drive Sithonia rent a car company which you will pick up from Thessaloniki and more particularly from the Thessaloniki airport.

We offer transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Sithonia

Our transfer service offers economic transfers by shuttle, taxi for 1-3 people or mini-bus for 4-8 people, from Thessaloniki Airport to Sithonia