Slaughterhouses / Airport Area

These are the two areas where the largest entertainment places and clubs in Thessaloniki can be found. These areas are located at both ends of the city and that is not without reason. The clubs that operate in the slaughterhouses area are called the ‘winter clubs “and as the name implies are only open during the winter months of the year. However, the clubs found in the airport area are known as summer clubs and also differ in their architecture. It is quite common for the same club or clubs to operate during the winter months in slaughterhouses and during the summer at the airport area. For lovers of night life these two regions of Thessaloniki are ideal to experience Thessaloniki’s exciting night life in the best way, which is found on completely the other side of this beautiful city. The distances, however, are quite far and public transport is just a hassle. For this reason, always use your rental car provided by our company.