Sports in Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki is the motherland of some of the biggest athletic clubs in Greece. Since it’s full of sports clubs, it promotes the eternal sporting spirit. There are several organized championships, games and tournaments both in national and international levels. The city has held international events such as the European Taekwondo Championship I.T.F. 2016, the World Rowing Coastal Championship 2014 and the World Maxibasketball Championship 2013. Thessaloniki also hosted the football games at the Olympics 2004 held in Athens.

Thessaloniki’s sports calendar includes many sports events throughout the year, giving the chance to locals and visitors to participate as spectators or as athletes. Events such as Day Marathons, Night Marathons and Biking hosted in the city will amaze you. It’s well-known sports clubs are PAOK, Aris, Iraklis, Apollon Kalamaria, the Agricultural Star and BAO. Other important athletic clubs of Thessaloniki and the wider region are Poseidon of New Michaniona, Ment, Alexander the Great, the PAONE and Thermaikos of Thermi. In Thessaloniki, the first basketball game in Greece took place by athletes from the YMCA. Surely this is an opportunity to enjoy a game at anytime. The best way for visitors to be part of the sports life of the city is by visiting stadiums and sports academies located in Thessaloniki. Ride & Drive makes your visit easier by giving you the option to rent a low cost car and explore the sporting attractions of Thessaloniki. We can guarantee you very low and affordable prices along with the excellent condition of our vehicles as well as many additional free services.

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