If you want to Rent a Car in Thessaloniki, you might love the location of Stavros. It combines sea and mountain and you can travel around in order to discover more beautiful places.

Stavros is approximately a 80km distance from Thessaloniki and belongs to the municipality of Redina. It is built on a green hillside overlooking the bay of Strymonikos. In the 2001 census the village had 3,285 inhabitants. It is considered a very big tourist attraction. The reasons why vacationers choose Stavros to have a great time are plenty. All around the place there are certain facilities that will make your stay there better. Restaurants, cafes and different types of shops are some of them. In Stavros you will see an abundance of parks as well. The area is full of greenery and beautiful beaches you can go to. The fact that it is a low-budget option also contributes to the place’s traffic of visitors.

If you are in the area, you must visit Platanodasos filled with big, old trees. It is the ideal spot for people who like sitting in the shade. If you happen to visit Stavros during summer, a visit there will be worth it. Over an area of 60 acres, there are sports facilities, a playground and an organized space for picnics. Park your rental car, take off your shoes and spend some time in nature! The tranquil feeling will leave you having vivid memories of this place.

Rent a car in Stavros and let the great holidays begin!

With Ride and Drive you can rent a car and go to Stavros right after your arrival. In your destination, Stavros Beach is a must location you have to go to. It is the beach that fascinates with its natural beauty and leaves no visitor unmoved. The resort consists of two parts that are separated by a port. What is special about this beach is the combination of sand and stones. So if you plan to go with your friends that have different taste for beaches, this is the place to go. Without doubt, everyone will feel satisfied! To occupy an umbrella on the beach is free of charge there, but only under one condition! You have to make an order at the nearby café bar.

Near the beach, Upper Stavros is available for visitors to explore. Although it can be walked, the terrain is uphill and it can be exhausting to get to the top on time. To avoid this inconvenience, you can drive your rental car all the way through. On your way to the top you will see several taverns where people taste traditional, Greek food. What makes the difference is the restaurant Agnanti which offers a majestic view from up above. You should not worry about where to park your car, though. The restaurant offers a parking space to its diners. Have a drink or a delicious meal while a dreamy scenery is right in front of you!

Where to go with a rental car near Stavros

Stavros is a quiet and traditional area for people who want to relax. However, if you want something more spicy, you can drive to certain areas of the region. Olympiada is a town close to Stavros, which hosts some beautiful beaches as well. It is part of the famous peninsula of Chalkidiki. There you can also visit Ancient Stagira, a famous archaeological spot. As for the adventurous ones you can go to Waterland, a water park just a couple of hours away near Thessaloniki.

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