Have you been looking for alternatives to Rent a Car in Thessaloniki? Thassos Island is more beautiful than you could ever imagine!

Thassos Island is the most northern island of the Aegean. It is a location recommended for cheap holidays especially for the residents of northern Greece. It offers guests pristine and clean beaches, lush land and rich natural wealth. Essentially circular in shape, it is mountainous and of volcanic origin. The name “Thassos Island” typically refers to the rich landscape of this Island Cape.

Nature lovers can enjoy wonderful walking trails or even climbing. There is a coastal road of approximately 98km length linking the coastal villages of the island. By following this road, one can tour around the place enjoying unique landscapes.

Limenas is the capital of the island. You can rent a car in Thassos to explore what this place has to offer to its visitors. Road trips are recommended, as you will get the chance to see the island from another point of view. It is this part of the island that has a vibrant atmosphere and a vivid nightlife. The place also hosts a small amusement park. During the day you can visit some of the most attractive beaches of the island. The nearest one is just 400m away from Limenas. But the best ones are on the outskirts so in this case a rental car in Thassos would be ideal for you.

Drive your car to visit the best places in Thassos

Some of the best beaches are Nisteri, Pachis, Golden beach and Makriammos. Travelling south-eastwards from Limenas, a 2km drive leads to Makriammos. This name literally means “Long Sand”. Makriammos has a sandy beach, hotels and bungalow complexes. This spot is special for tourists as it beautifully combines sea with rich flora all around. The waters of the beach are amazing, with a slightly turquoise colour that any vacationer would envy. It is a great spot for you to relax and have some sunbathing. The rest of the beaches are impressive too, but a bit far away compared to Makriammos. However, for those who have a rental car this is not a problem at all.

The south-eastern section of the island has old marble quarries. In Thassos there is also a monastery, Archangel Michael Monastery 33km away from Limenas. Because of its location, one can have a spectacular view of the Aegean sea from that spot.

At the west part of the island, there is a beautiful valley of the old mountain capital of Theologos. It is said that here are the ruins of a medieval castle and a house where Mehmet Ali had spent part of his youth.

The main port is the city port built on the ancient town of Thassos and therefore has many attractions including the ancient market, the Acropolis, the ancient city wall and several temples. One of the most beautiful places is the old port with its fish restaurants next to the sea.

Thassos fun fact

Something that few people know is that Thassos has been voted as one of the 100 highest archaeologically significant places of the Mediterranean. According to mythology, the island got its name from Thassos, son of Agenor who was a king in Asia. When Zeus abducted Europa, Agenor’s daughter, Thassos searched everywhere for his sister. Then he gave up his search as he found the island and stayed on it, enchanted by its beauty.

We can help you travel to Thassos Island

Travellers can travel by rental car to Kavala and then take the ferry to Thassos Island. It approximately takes 1 hour and 20 minutes by boat to get there. Another good option for you would be to cross from Keramoti where it only takes 30 minutes.

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