Everything you need to know about Thessaloniki

City of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is an amazing city full of history and activities. It was founded in 316 B.C. and it’s the second largest Greek city. Thessaloniki is considered one of the most important crossroads between Europe and Middle East.

All over its history Thessaloniki has been characterized by growth and intense business and cultural activity. Byzantine era is considered one of the most important era’s along city’s history. However, most of the attractions of the city come from the Roman period. Rent a car and find out amazing monuments including the famous White Tower, the castles and the Arch of Galerius along with others.

Coming to the present, the city never stops to produce cultural and economical activities via uncountable festivals, exhibitions and events. Thessaloniki International Fair is considered the most important among them as it attracts an incredible amount of exhibitors and visitors.

Thessaloniki is also well-known for its extraordinary nightlife. There are many different bars, clubs and taverns with delicious food. The clubs and taverns are open until the early morning hours. Last but not least, have in mind that Thessaloniki is near Halkidiki, filled during the summer months with visitors who enjoy its beautiful beaches and its amazing nightlife.