Thessaloniki Seafront

Starting with the center of Thessaloniki, the seaside is easily accessible with your rental car which you can rent from our company at low prices. This is one of the most famous places in Thessaloniki where you can drink coffee in the morning, and have fun in the evening at a leisurely pace, or more intensely. Especially in the early-afternoon hours when the weather is nice and warm in Thessaloniki, the beach is flooded with people who come to drink coffee, and enjoy the beautiful view that Thermaikos bay has to offer. For this reason, we recommend you visit the seafront in Thessaloniki and enjoy the magnificent views it has to offer. In March of 2008, the redevelopment of the seafront which has now been completed, was initiated. The new image is dominated by the green, the water element as well as cultural and sports concepts. A visit to the famous seafront of Thessaloniki, along the bay of Thermaikos and the White Tower is definitely worthwhile. Renting a car from our company at very low prices along with our unique offerings will surely impress you.