Valaoritou, Syggrou

Continuing the tour in Thessaloniki it would be remiss not to mention the streets Valaoritou-Syggrou. A tour around the bars of these streets will definitely leave you with unforgettable memories. Many speak for these streets as the Gkazi of Thessaloniki and others as a new version of Ladadika. Undoubtedly, the area surrounded by the streets Syggrou, Valaoritou, Frangon and Leontos Sofou, which lies in an old commercial square of Thessaloniki, has become a place of entertainment for all social classes. Bars and cafes that are reminiscent of Berlin bars, others English pubs, and old neoclassical houses, the new use of which has not forgotten the old fashioned city style, attract Thessaloniki people both alternative and trendy. In the summer evenings, the ‘tables outside” blur the boundaries between the individual bars, mixing all parties into one single party. The simple, tension-free, gray-coloured buildings mixed with the colours of the bars, create a picture different from the more mainstream clubs. Sounds of jazz, rock and Latino mingle from one bar to another forming a mixture of culture, while the all varieties of beer flow in abundance – all cheap and affordable. Things were quite different a few years ago, as there were very few bars and the atmosphere was much more intimate.