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Rent a Car in Greece and visit Vergina! You can uncover its treasures and also travel to nearby locations.

This is a small town located in northern Greece in the prefecture of Imathia. Vergina became known worldwide when the archaeologist Manolis Andronikos discovered the tomb of the father of Alexander the Great. It is located 13 km southeast of Veria, the capital of the prefecture and 80 km southwest of Thessaloniki. The tomb was discovered in a “somersault” as we say in Macedonia, an elevation of a hill. The “Great Tumulus” of Vergina on the outside showed nothing special, that could make it stand out from dozens of others. However, the discovery brought to light a tomb-like mansion in front of the church. At a length of 5.60 meter frieze is depicted a multifaceted hunting scene in a lush grove landscape, a unique composition with rich colours. Inside the tomb were all the utensils buried with the dead along with an almost intact warrior’s armour on the back wall as it had been installed nearly 2,500 years before. Finally, wrapped in a golden urn with the emblem of the kings of Macedon were the bones of the dead. The tomb, after much deliberation, was attributed to Philip II, the great military and political figure of the fourth century BC, the father of Alexander the Great. Recently, in late 1997, the Ministry of Culture launched within the protective housing, an exhibition with objects and offerings of the large tombs and of other smaller ones of the area. From out of the golden urns in the tomb of Philip, there are also some weapons and utensils, models and photographs of monuments exhibited. From all the exhibits the fine gold and ivory beds of the tomb of Philip stand out, with the inset ivory head of Philip and Alexander the Great, unique works of art and precious materials from which they were constructed. If someone travels to Macedonia they should definitely visit the tomb of Philip at Vergina. Our company can make your journey more comfortable and cheap, as we rent nearly new cars at very reasonable prices so as to be accessible to all. The cars can be picked up from the capital of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, at the airport.

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