Are you looking for a new adventure? You can Rent a Car in Thessaloniki and travel to Kerkini Lake!

Kerkini Lake is located 40 km from Serres, a distance that you can easily travel to with your rental car. At the beginning of the century, in the place where the lake is found, were swampy areas and it was lush with dense trees. Lake Kerkini took the form we know today through a dam which was originally constructed to contain the waters of the Strymon river. This dam had also another purpose and that was to store water for irrigation to the plain of Serres.

Drive your rental car from Thessaloniki to Kerkini Lake and witness its beauty

The surface of the lake ranges from 55,000 to 70,000 acres. Regarding the lake in its current form, it is a wetland of unlimited beauty and there is diversity in the types of vegetation, species of birds and fish that live in it. Also numerous mammals live in the area as well as amphibians. This place is ideal for those who love being close to nature. The view the lake offers is spectacular and majestic. The best time of the year to visit the lake is undoubtedly during spring and summer. This time you will see the area at its finest, filled with birds and the flora and fauna it hosts. Rent a car in Thessaloniki and travel across Kerkini Lake fast and easily, with our support!

Characteristic of Kerkini is that a very large area of the lake is full of water lilies (5,000 acres is the largest in Greece). The wetland is one of the most important places where the Dalmatian pelican survives, which is threatened with extinction. But the usefulness of the lake lies in other factors as well. Lake Kerkini tames the waters of the Strymon which played an important role in combating elonosia. That way the economic development of the county and the restoration of 85,000 refugees was accomplished. Getting to the wetland you will see the pelicans’ nests from up close by taking a boat or canoe ride. But this is not the only activity you can do at Kerkini Lake!

Rent a car at Kerkini Lake to take your trip to the next level

Take your rental car and drive along the lake for an unforgettable experience! Its beauty stretches over a 15km distance which you definitely cannot walk into. On the one side you will see the lake and on the other there is a forest you can spot. Four mountains surround the lake, Agkistro, Mavrovouni, Beles and Kroussia. If you want to get a panoramic view of the place, you should visit the Monastery of St. John the Baptist on mountain Beles. This spot offers you an amazing view of the whole lake. At the same time you can pay a visit to the monastery to discover its unique architecture.

On the outskirts, there are plenty of other points of interest you can go to if you rent a car at Lake Kerkini. Visit Siderokastro, only a few kilometres away. The Byzantine castle and the amazing Waterfalls of Hot Water are waiting for you! The castle is located on a hill, so you can imagine the kind of view from up above. From there you can still see the Kerkini Lake as well as the Strimonas River. The Waterfalls are pretty impressive, too. The place houses a cave filled with stalactites which is practically an underground river. The name of the waterfalls stems from the waters themselves, as they are indeed hot.

Kerkini Lake is one of the most remarkable destinations in Greece and worth visiting. The easiest way to get there is to drive your rental car. You can pick it up from the airport in Thessaloniki. We can guarantee you very low prices and excellent condition of the vehicle that you will receive.

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