Cinema Museum

The Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki is the only film museum in Greeceand was founded in 1997, during the institution’s activities “Thessaloniki, Cultural Capital of Europe”. The board of the Cultural Capital of Europe 1997 at Thessaloniki meeting on 17.1.1995 decided to form a separate entity for the cinema in Thessaloniki, entitled “Cinema Museum”. According to the rules of the organization, “The purpose of the museum is the collection, preservation and museum display of elements of the film life of the country. In this frame the museum will ensure the design and documentation of material on film art and by organizing research and training programs in collaboration with other relevant bodies. The Cinema Museum was initially housed in an area of 800m2 space in an industrial building in west Thessaloniki, organized there until the administrative and operational committee of the museum acquired the necessary infrastructure on another location. On September 30, 2001 the inauguration of the permanent location of the museum was performed in the Warehouse A at the port of Thessaloniki. It is proposed all visitors to the city drop by the museum and especially cinema fans .In the area of the port which houses the museum there is ample space for parking thus making your visit with a rental car from our company easier. Τhe museum is open daily from 10:00 to 15:00 and as mentioned above it is housed in the warehouse A in the Port of Thessaloniki.