The White Tower and its history

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The White Tower is undeniably the most popular monument in Thessaloniki and the trademark of the city, located along the waterfront of Greece’s cocapital. Its prominent position, long history and impulsive architecture are the reasons that make it worth visiting.

The tower was built in 15th century after the siege of the Greeks by the Turks in order to replace an older 12th century Byzantine fortification while it was later reconstructed by the Ottomans. It was used as a fort enhancing the harbors defences, as a garrison and a prison. Because of its fame as a notorious prison it was also known as “Tower of Janissaries”, “Tower of Blood” or “Red Tower”. Its current name was given by an offender who painted the whole tower white in order to gain his freedom, and thus came the name of “White Tower”. It was surrounded by long defensive walls that were enclosing the area, which were demolished at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1983-1985, the restoration of the monument was accomplished by the ninth Inspectorate of Byzantine Antiquities and converted into an exhibition area. Finally in 2008 the new exhibition was inaugurated which you can visit with your rental car at any time.

Today, the construction is home to a unique, informative museum, making it one of the latest additions to the cultural scene of Thessaloniki and giving a chance to visitors to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from its highest level.

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